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Teiens Reference and Notes by FreckledAndSpeckled Teiens Reference and Notes by FreckledAndSpeckled
General - sandy colored mammals with cat like ears that curve up slightly with a medium length tail, women are usually curvy and have a bigger bust (C-D), both males and females are on the short side

Male vs Female - about the same with usual differences in anatomy, males are darker and traditionally wear their eyeliner differently

Eyes - They have 3 basic eye colors, brown/dark red, orange, and pale green, unlike Raiorians, eye color is not tied to class

Fur Color - A sandy brown color, darker in males than in females

Origin - The Teiens also inhabited the world of Panne where Raiorians were seen as the dominant species do to their industrial developments and "civilized" nature. Teiens lived on the second largest land mass, a continent called Tei. The Teiens lived on their own until Rai colonized them for several years. The Teiens quickly revolted and became independent once more. There is still animosity between the two powers. They rule over many of the smaller islands covering Panne.

Society - Teiens are a warrior society. Both men and women fight and they are often seen as aggressiver, hostile, and uncivilized. Tei also works with a class system, there are the slaves, the servants, the commoners, the Oron, and Royalty.
Slaves-People without freedom, they are treated as possessions and are sold and traded, treatment varies from awful conditions to well treated and a part of the family, a slave can be given freedom but this rarely occurs
Servants-Servants are different from slaves in this society, servants are hired staff and have their own freedom, they are often treated a bit better than slaves, but not much, most freed slaves become servants
Commoners-the common people, there is a wide range of people in this spectrum from lower middle class up to higher high class
The Ohran-related to Royalty, but not a part of the direct line (such as the king's brothers and sisters) or people who are favored by the king, they are treated extremely well and rule over various states
Royalty-the ruling family, including the king, his wife, and his offspring

The Invasion - About a century ago (to the time of New Friend), Rai was invaded by Tei. The Teiens were extremely underestimated by Rai who fell to their hostile attack on the country. They attacked the Raiorian capital, Saiza and won the war quite quickly. For several months, Raiorians were hunted until most had fled the country, those who were caught were either executed or put into slavery (depending on the person who found them). Things have improved for those Raiorians put into slavery over the course of the century, many have been freed and have integrated back into society. Negotiations are being made for the Raiorians to have a free independent state in Rai.

Other Info:
Hybrids - Before the invasion, and before Tei's new independence, many Raiorians and Teiens had children together. Sometimes they were accepted by society, sometimes they weren't. After Tei's independence hybrid children were often times rejected and outcasts in society. Several years after the invasion, when the Raiorians and Teiens were getting along better, hybrid children were better accepted.

These guys are roughly based on ancient Egypt.

Other Panne Concepts:
Raiorians Reference and Notes by FreckledAndSpeckled

Art and Teiens (c) FreckledAndSpeckled
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FusionKirby Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I imagine some with spears, crooked swords, and Bows+Arrows.
FreckledAndSpeckled Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Suits them actually.
ZeldaTheAwesomest Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
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FreckledAndSpeckled Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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